On Weft Hair Extensions: A Guide to Kim Kardashian-West’s Hairstyles From 2016 to 2020

A TV personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, and a super mum to four kids. At this point, there’s nothing that Kim Kardashian-West can’t do! She, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, has been in the public spotlight for more than a decade attending fashion shows, social events, and most popularly starring in their ongoing reality… Continue reading →

Essential Benefits of Using Human Hair Extensions

Using human hair extensions make your hair look naturally beautiful. Aside from providing a natural look, the extensions are also more comfortable to use as they can be styled like your own hair. Unlike synthetic hair extensions Brisbane, human hair extensions can be heated and restyled. Here are some of its benefits. Continue reading →

Effective Marketing Strategies For A Hair Salon

If you are planning to get into the beauty business, you should carefully understand how you can attract customers and differentiate yourself from the other businesses. It’s all about creating marketing strategies that can boost your sales. Marketing a hair salon Gold Coast can sometimes be expensive, but with these tips, you’ll be able to… Continue reading →

Effective Ways to Dye Your Hair Naturally

If you want to change your appearance, dying your hair is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Most people worry about the harmful chemicals in salon products but they still choose to dye their hair. You can consult a reliable hairdressers Gold Coast if you don’t know how to dye your hair. There… Continue reading →

Ways to attract brides to your hair salon

Weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you want your salon to compete and be able to make an impact in the wedding industry, offer services, particularly customised services, for every groom, bride, and person in the wedding party. The question is, how prepared is your hair salon Gold Coast? Do you have plans in… Continue reading →

How Clip-in Hair Extensions are Applied on Real Hair

Clip-in hair extensions are some of the varieties that are may be familiar when you see the menu list of salons. Many hair stylists offer this hair treatment as it is easy to apply. This is why it is popular among women. And if you are curious enough about how to apply such kind of… Continue reading →

Essential Ways to Deal With a Bad Haircut

Walking out from a salon with a bad haircut can be frustrating and disappointing. Dealing with bad hair can ruin your day. However, you can make yourself feel better by fixing it or hiding the bad areas. It is essential to take some preventative measures when having bad hair extensions Brisbane or haircut. Continue reading →

Hairdressers’ tips to achieving better hair

Find out some of the helpful tips for better hair as recommended by the best hairdressers Gold Coast. Having a good and solid foundation makes anything great. One key to achieving this is through making use of the basics. Similar with hair, if you desire to attain a bouncy and lengthy hair, you need first… Continue reading →

Why Women Prefer Male Hairdressers

When it comes to hairdressers, we almost always think that they are female, and it’s unlikely to think that there are male hairdressers out there. But these days, more and more male hairdressers are working in hair salon Gold Coast. Many women love the service of these male hairdressers. But do you know why they… Continue reading →

Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Growing your hair back takes patience and effort, especially for women. There are recommended hair growing products and alternatives like clip-in hair extensions that you can use while you grow back your natural hair. You can also follow these tips to grow your hair back effectively. Continue reading →

Things You Might Need To Know About Bead Weft Hair Extensions

For women who have thicker hair than others, bead weft hair extensions are a suited option. They don’t make use of heat, tape, or glue to have it applied to the natural hair. It’s the best option for adding hair volume or length instantly. Continue reading →

Essential Tips in Finding a Good Hairstylist

Every girl experiences disappointments with their hairstyles. You may get into a hair salon Gold Coast and walked out with a hairstyle you don’t like, and you’ll go home with tears in your eyes. Worst haircuts are much worse than a breakup. Yes, indeed it does. But don’t worry, it will still grow. Don’t let… Continue reading →