Hair Candy offers 2 payment plan options!
Option 1 – Zipmoney. This is an interest free company that allows you to pay your service off interest free! ZipMoney does charge a 4% admin fee and you can set for payment schedules for an amount convenient for you! Find more info at

Option 2 – Debit Success. This is also interest free and allows you to pay the extensions off with weekly payments of $50. Debit Success does require a 50% upfront deposit however you get to choose the starting date and what day of the week the payment is debited.

Hair Candy uses the highest quality hair! Our hair is 100% human Remy European Hair! We only use double drawn hair so the thickness is always beautiful and consistent.

We believe you should only buy hair extensions that are 100% Remy Hair. This has to do with how the hair extensions are prepared and made. All the hair should be going in the same direction with the cuticle intact. Remy Hair is silky, smooth and is less likely to tangle/matt/knot.

In a lot of cases the damage caused by extensions comes down to how well they are maintained. Hair Extensions do require extra work however when applied correctly they will not cause damage to your natural hair. A good care routine will help ensure both your hair and the extensions stay healthy!

The lifespan of extensions varies depending on what products have been used on them, lifestyle choices and also how often they are maintained.

Regular maintenance, which includes brushing daily, wearing your hair in a braid to bed and when swimming and exercising will help maintain your extensions. As your hair grows the extensions will naturally grow out with your hair. Proper treatment, such as using our recommended hair products will extend the life of your hair extensions. It is not possible to state an exact time frame as each person has different results. The average time for poorly maintained extensions is 3-6 months. If you look after them correctly they can last 6-12 months. Some of our diligent clients have used the same hair for 18 months, but generally most people choose to get new hair approximately every 6 months.

When the extensions are initially applied there may be some discomfort caused for the first 2-5 days. Of course this varies for each person. The extensions are a foreign object in your hair so when you’re sleeping it can take a few nights to adjust to the feeling. Once they have loosened though they are completely pain free and do not feel heavy at all!

No, you can still go to the beach or head to the gym just as often as you usually do! If you do continue with this type of lifestyle you may need to use more products to rehydrate the extensions. The extensions do dry out quicker than your natural hair so if they aren’t maintained and looked after properly the lifespan will decrease

All our staff are highly qualified and trained to ensure the extensions are as non dectable as possible! The extensions can be applied in a way that allows you to wear your hair up in a top knot or high pony and not be seen