Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

What are Keratin Bonds?

Keratin Bonds are a type of extension that is bonded into your hair. They are individual strands of hair attached to small sections of your hair. The bonds are attached using a heat fusion machine.

What is the Keratin Bond made out of?

The bond is made up of natural proteins similar to your hair and nails. This means it does not cause damage or irritation to your scalp as it is a natural protein!

How long do keratin bonds last and what is the maintenance?

Keratin Bonds last around 3-6 months depending on your hair type, texture and lifestyle. We recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks for a maintenance appointment where we can clean up any outgrown hair to ensure no knotting or damage occurs.

Will Keratin Bonds damage my hair?

All hair extensions carry some risk of damage, however all the methods we apply at Hair Candy are safe and kind to the hair, provided you take care of them. The key to ensuring no damage is to take good care of your extensions, brush them regularly, and follow all the guidelines provided to you in your aftercare guide.

Are Keratin Bonds suitable for someone with fine hair?

Yes! Keratin bonds are perfect for anyone with fine hair. They are the least detectable method, meaning you can run your fingers through your hair without barely feeling them. They are also easy to tie in a ponytail and style half up – half down.

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