Flat Track Weaves are the best new type of hair extensions out there! 

Why are they the best? They are long lasting, non damaging, and easy to install. We are always concerned about the integrity of the hair, and we’ve found after years of testing, that the Flat Track Weaves are the least damaging type of hair extensions.

Aside from that, you can re-use the hair over and over for up to 1 year! This makes them the longest lasting extensions around, saving you time and money.

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How are they installed?

flat track weave

Flat Track Weave:
Step 1

First step, we weave small, silicone lined micro beads into the hair in a track. We use these beads as they are soft silicone on the inside, meaning they wont slip, or cause any damage to your hair.

Flat Track Weave:
Step 2

After the beads are in,  we then sew the weft (which is like a curtain of hair into the beads.

flat track weave 1
flat track weave weft

Flat Track Weave:
Step 3

Once the beads and weft are in, its time to cut and style your hair. Weft is best is our motto!

Flat Track Weave:
Step 4

Enjoy your new hair! Weft extensions are to be moved up every 6-8 weeks, so you can reuse the hair over and over for 1+ years! A one time investment of the hair lasts a long time. You will love your wefts so much, we guarantee it!

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Watch Flat Track Weave Hair Extensions being done in Action!

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